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Hi there...glad you could come. I don't update my pages as much as I should anymore, but busy with kids, hubby and all, I'm sure you understand :o)


A little about myself.
I'm 29 years old as of January 10th.
I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The most beautiful and diverse city in all the world. (Personal opinion, of course). We now reside in Woodstock.

I am the proud mommy of 5 little boys...who you will have a chance to meet down below.

I am 5'11 and have brown hair & eyes and I always seem to be *smiling*

I love to read, especially Mauve Binchey, Nora Roberts, V.C. Andrews, John Grisham and Margaret Atwood.
I LOVE sports. Very big hockey fan and especially a huge Toronto Maple Leaf fan!!! Toronto Blue Jays and Raptors . :o)


A little about hubby
He is 24 as of August 8th.
He was born in Calgary , Alberta, but has since moved to Toronto.
Big, may I stress BIG sports fan :) Huge fan of Pavel Bure.
Also likes the NFL.
Baseball wise it's the Atlanta Braves

Steve is a wonderful daddy to all 5 boys, although Joshua and Jacob are really his step children, but you wouldn't know it. He's a wonderful and caring person to step in the way he did and take care of all of us.

And here are pages for my 5 little bears....




William & Mason

If you have any information on Twins, Epilepsy in children or Jack Russell Terriers, I would love to hear it, receive it, etc. My email address is

Also here are some family photos

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Thank ya! *hugz*

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Music, TV shows and Movies I enjoy.

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Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at my page..if you have any info you'd like added to my page or you just feel like chatting, please feel free to e-mail me!!!


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