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Hi and welcome to my homepage.
My name is Thomas and I am 3 years old! I'm glad you've come to visit me. I hope you're here to play because that's what I love to do...especially playing with my cars and trucks..I love to make them go "vrooom"

This is me at 21 months

I am an active boy, as well as stubborn! :) I really enjoy cars and singing, even some dancing!

My birth weight was 10lbs 3oz and 22.75 inches
My 12 month weight was 26lbs 8oz and 33 inches
My 20 month weight was 32lbs and 38 inches
At 3 I am 35lbs and 42 inches

What I can do:

I walked at 9.5 months
I am talking in complete sentances and playing a lot with my older brothers and I imitate almost EVERYTHING they do!
What I do at 21 months:
I can say a slew of words now. I know where my nose is, eyes, ears, mouth, cheeks, knees, toes, belly button and many more!
I am sleeping in a big boy bed

The Blessed Event
It happened like this we ventured to the hospital {too} early on Tuesday May 12th, 1998 to have a scheduled C-section....after prepping and a few nervous moments, Thomas was yanked from mommy, with daddy & mommy watching anxiously.

Yep, that's pretty much the way it happened. I remember water then cold and then hanging upside down for a few minutes. All in all it was a busy day, but I got a mommy, daddy & 2 big brothers out of the deal, so who's gonna complain.

Things mom wrote awhile ago:
Old Stuff **2 enteries** September 26/98 November 6/98

Mommy created a May baby ring...if you'd like to join just click here
Also if you have a baby born in 1999 and would like to join the babies of 99 ring, click here

Now you can read in detail about thomas' birth story !!

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