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September 26, 1998

...Well I went to the doctors last week. I'm now 15lbs 15oz & 27 1/2 inches long.
I'm doing quite well. I had another needle, which I didn't like too much.
I'm eating solids now...I started with rice cereal a month and half ago. Since then I've had bananas, apples, carrots, squash (we were was the only thing they had pureed) and sweet potatoes. I take them quite well although I have given a lot of funny faces. Bananas are by far my favourite.
I've rolled over a couple of times, and I'm babbling so much! I talk so much to everyone...even magazine covers! My smile is to die for. Hopefully mommy will get more recent pictures of me up soon. My grandma is getting a scanner (before us! imagine) so we'll be using it often.
I'll keep up you up to date.