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Bigger news! It's TWINS!

That's right, we found out on Monday December 7th, that we are indeed expecting #4 & #5, not just #4. What a shock! NO twins in the family :) We are excited and they are doing really well so far! I Will be sure to keep you posted and also will be putting up my ultrasound picture as soon as I can!

We were really surprised..considering we found out when Thomas was only 4 months old, and the baby is due just 2 weeks after Thomas' first birthday. Now we're getting excited.

First U/S Picture at 16wks.

Here's the matching 34.3 week picture!

We now know, or have been told that we are having two little boys :)
These pictures are from my 34.3wk U/S.


More stubborn boys :o)

The names we are considering right now are;
William Gareth & Mason James Richard...I'll keep you updated on that too! lol

Well, today is May 5th/99. I was in the hospital overnight with contractions but nothing came of it, so I was sent home. Friday May 7th I will be having a c-section, because both babies are still breech. Very exciting and very nervewracking at the same time! Are we ready? Are you ever really ready? lol
Wish us luck!!! Updates will follow..sooner or later :) No promises!!! *HUGS*

Hi there,
Well, it's Tuesday, Sept 29th. I'm so tired lately. Running around after 3 little guys is so draining :(
I have to call the doctor today to make an OB appointment. I'm nervous though. Afraid of what he'll tell me concerning having another baby so soon, and the risks seeing as I'll probably have to have another C-section. I don't want to :(
I'm so tired. A little achy. It's 10:30pm now and I just want to sleep :)
I hope everything goes ok with the baby. I'm hoping for a little girl though. If we do have a girl, it'll probably be Mackenzie Lynn. If it's a boy, we haven't discussed it. A little too early for that.
Oh well..
I've been having little pains in my tummy today. Hope it's just the normal stuff and nothing serious :)
I can't think of anything else to write for now...soon!!! I'll also put in some doctor stuff once I go...