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July 30th/98: I am, 11 weeks old. I'm getting to be a big boy. I weigh about 15 pounds now and I'm 25 inches long. I'm starting to lose my hair! yikes...I have my mommy & daddy well trained now. I coo all the time, especially when you sing to me. I really enjoy that, even if you're not the best singer {daddy} you can still please me.

I don't sleep too much anymore. A couple of short naps in mommy's arms and then one long one in the afternoon then after dinner. That's pretty much daddy's weekend schedule too :o) {just kidding, pa}
Talk to you later!

August 9th/98: I miss my daddy! He's been on a little vacation in Calgary for almost a week and a half now. I can't wait til he comes home again and snuggles me on the 12th! 3 days! Whew..feels like forever since I had once of those special daddy know what I mean. He'll get to see some things I've learned to do since he's been away. I can laugh out loud now! Especially when mommy is tickling my little tummy. I think I finally have my days and nights figured out, as I sleep much, much more during the night...mommy seems really impressed with this new skill. And of course, you know I do all these special things just to please her. I have to go to the doctors soon...just for a needles right mommy...uh of those looks...maybe?? Yikes..didn't much like my first one. I'll let you know how that went and tell you how much bigger I am. Everyone says WOW when they hear I am only 3 months old. I guess I'm a really big boy!!