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Welcome to Joshua's Page

Well this is the page of my oldest son Joshua. He is 8 years old, born February 21st.

I'm a good helper to mommy. I listen to my mommy {most of the time} I tend to get a little overexcited sometimes, but hey! I'm a kid.

I love to play sports, including baseball, hockey and soccer. I am going into my 3rd year of soccer, playing with the Woodstock Soccer Club. I really love it, especially when I score goals!

I really love going to school and I'm now in grade 2. School is one of my favourite things.
I've done really well and am starting to read chapter books.

I also like to watch of my favourite shows is Pokemon right now, but I also like Digimon, Hey Arnold, Powerpuff Girls and Rugrats.

I really, really like music drives mommy crazy sometimes cause I guess I act a little like a teenager. I like the Backstreet Boys.

I also enjoy Dinosaurs and we'll be adding some fun links soon! I bring home a lot of books about dinosaurs from the school library. I think nature is really great and have a lot of interests in animals and can name almost anyone you throw at me!

I thought I'd give you a little preview of what I look like...this picture is alomst 4 years old new picture should be online soon. Here's me with my Uncle Kevin. He's holding me and Jacob, but you can't see Jake's face! ME!
I don't really look like I do now..I'm BIGGER! :o)
Ok! I have a more recent picture of me... ..everyone seems to think I have the future making of a heartbreaker..who me?? Just cause I already flirt with girls? :o) Nah...

Here's another picture of me and my little brother Jacob

I love playing with

Now you can read all about my birth story

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