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Welcome to Jacob's Page

Hi and welcome to Jacob's page on the net. Jacob is my second born, he's 6 years old...born June 5th.
I am a very, very active young man. I like to play..especially with my cars and my big brother Joshua & my little brothers, Thomas, William & Mason.
I get called a little monkey a lot!
but I don't mind, cause it's true! I'm into everything.

Here's a new picture of Jake :)

I really love school. I'm in Grade one right now and doing really well. I've learned to read a lot this year so far and am improving everyday. This year instead of Gymnastics I will be playing T-ball. Should be a lot of fun!

If you'd like to read my birth story click here

Mommy chat...

Jacob is taking Dilantin for his Epilepsy. He has 2 more years left and then they will take him off the medication and see if he still has seizures. He has had many tests, CT scans, Eeg's & an MRI and nothing has been found to indicate why he has seizures or why they are so severe. :(

Jacob goes to have his tonsils out soon!!! July 23. He has been choking on them as of hopefully this will help him a great deal :) **************Update on the tonsils. Jacob came through with flying colours! Wanted to eat that night, but we were able to hold him off a day. Didn't want ice cream! Wanted Macaroni and chicken. lol The snoring has ceased, he is sleeping better and can hear a bit better as well.

Some fun places I like to visit:

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Popsicle Zone

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Sept 99 pics!!!!!

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