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William Richard Latimer

Mason James Quinn

I discovered that I was pregnant three months after the birth of my youngest son, Thomas. It was September 1998 and I was totally overwhelmed. We knew we were going to keep the baby, even though it was #4, we knew that we could do it and manage well.
I had a pretty uneventful start to my pregnancy. I did have a bit of bleeding around 12 weeks, but we went to the ER and they said all was fine. They didn't do an u/s though.
I resisted going to see my OB until I was 15 wks pregnant. I noticed I was showing a bit sooner, but I figured, it's my 4th pregnancy and was probably normal. My dr sent me for an ultrasound at 16wks to check on size and make sure all was ok with the baby.
I was lying on the ultrasound table when the tech said "Well, there's two in there". I was in shock. "There are?" "yep..two heads." Ooooh..panic set in. Steve was outside the door waiting to come in. Obviously he was about to find out! I couldn't think of a good way to tell him. The tech went to get him and when he walked into the room I held two fingers up. He thought I was saying peace though. lol Assuming I meant everything was alright with the baby.
We were both shaking when we left. It was such a shock.
We got over the shock though and things went on very well. I had a lot of achy muscles and joints this time though. There were a few times I just wanted it to be over, but being twins I wanted to carry as far as possible.
I was at 38.2 wks when I started having contractions one night. They were a lot more painful than the continous braxton-hicks contractions I had been having. We decided to go to the hospital at 11pm, Tuesday May 4th. We dropped off the other 3 boys with my mom and off we went. I was indeed having contractions but they were not strong enough to get them to do a c-section right then. {I was having a c-section due the fact both twins were in a breech position} I was also still closed. They decided to keep me in overnight and if the contractions increased or if anything happened overnight then I would be there and they'd go ahead in the morning. The contractions stopped though. My doctor came in the next morning and decided I would have a section that friday as I had protein in my urine, my blood pressure was going up and I was very big.
So...onward to friday!
We left for the hospital at 6am. Ok, ok, we were a bit later than that. I was nervous. I was going to have 2 babies! Fast forward through all the prepping etc, it was a long wait for us. We decided to get tubes tied though. Although if there was ever a fertile woman it won't work for, I wouldn't be surprised if it will be me *lol*
Anyhow, I was wheeled into the OR around 9am. Things went pretty fast from there. I was given a spinal that took effect quickly, but it was something new. An epimorph and I don't think I reacted well to the morphine. I went into hypertension. I was so out of it I was wondering where I was half the time. My husband still wasn't in the room and I could hear dr's saying we had to move fast. I asked the nurse where my husband wasand she went to go get him when one of the dr's said "Forget the husband, just get these babies out, QUICK!" Well then I started to calm down and was ok and he allowed them to go get steve. Thank goodness, although I didn't really noticed him sitting there, I knew he was there. I couldn't concentrate at all.
I told steve over and over how much I loved him, then I heard them say they were breaking my water. All of a sudden I heard screams and baby number one was born. William Richard Latimer was born at 9:42am, May 7th, 1999. He weighed in at 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long. At 9:43am another scream sounded and Mason James Quinn was born. He weighed in at 6lbs 14oz and 19 inches.
Everything went very well after that and two days later we were home safe and sound. The twins never spend a moment in the nursery and roomed in with me the whole time. Everything went so well from the start, from bonding to rooming in. We are thinking we may possibly share one more birth story in the future of our 6th child, but we'll have to wait a few years to see :o)

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