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Jacob Glenn's Birth Story

Hi there..this is the birth story of my second born!

I found out I was pregnant with Jacob 6 months after Joshua was born. I was nineteen and scared to death, but knew my second born would be just as precious as the first!
I was due on May 21st, 1995 and like the first pregnancy really excited about it. Throughout my pregnancy I was happy...and looking forward to a VBAC. I just needed the baby to do it's thing and not be breech again, which I was scared of.
As with Joshua, the baby was 2 weeks late and I was frustrated with children who were getting too comfy inside me! I had to be induced again, but luckily this time I was dialated 2 cm at my last doctor's appointment, so I just had to meet the doctor at the hospital assuming I didn't give birth before the induction. The Monday I was going to be induced I started having contractions around 2am, but they weren't that painful so I decided since I was going to the hospital anyhow at 7am, I'd go back to sleep and wait it out. My mom drove me to the hospital on time. The contractions were a little bit more painful, but not nearly as strong as they were going to get. I was checked out and given an enema (ew!), then the doctor broke my water and told me to walk around for awhile to bring on stronger contractions. By 11am, they said that they weren't as strong as they would like and they started the pictocin drip. I was hooked up to the monitor and when the first contraction hit, aside from screaming obsentities, I screamed for drugs. {I wasn't exactly as strong as I thought I would be}. So I was given demerol and that relaxed me a lot.
As they monitored the babies heartbeat they found it was going down everytime I had a contraction so I was put on oxygen in hopes it would help. It didn't so I got rolled onto my side and everything went a little bit better.
I felt the urge to push and told the nurse, but nope! Wasn't time yet. Then I had the urge to pee...badly! I told the nurse and she told me it was only because I was ready to push {finally!} I said, "NO! I have to pee..I need to go to the bathroom before I push" but she said...if you have to pee...then just pee here...I could tell from the way she rolled her eyes she thought it was just the pushing..but nope! I was right...rofl :) She was surprised when I peed on the pad she had laid down..rofl :) Mommy always knows best!
Finally I was ready to put..but they looked again and decided she needed a second opinion, so she called another nurse, who in turn, reached up inside and realized this child had an extremely big head. She pulled my cervix around his head, or else I would have needed another C-section. Then...finally..I began to push.
I have never felt such relief as that little baby tumbling out of me. I can still feel it..what a great feeling! Instant pain relief :). Since they told me I was having a smaller baby than the first, I was quite surprised when they said it was 9lbs 7oz!
I had even forgotten to ask what the sex was, until she told me, I was clueless...just listening to the baby cry. Then they said it was another beautiful boy. I began breastfeeding right away, but had to stop because they needed to stitch me up. I was too nervous to let him put the freezing in, so they had to knock me out while I had it done. Very good thing they did as I had suffered a 4th degree tear!
The pediatrician came to me later and told me I should have had a C-section because his head was so big. They were suprised I was able to deliever him vaginally.
And! with the others, the rest is history!

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