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Thomas Jackson Brandon Wright

I found out I was pregnant in September of 97. Steve and I were nervous and excited at the same time. This was Steve's first child and my 3rd. As with all my pregnancies I was really happy. I was due May 14th, 1998.
The pregnancy went well...ultrasounds, regular doctor's visit, all the norm! I rarely had a bad appointment.
When I had my second ultrasound in April of 98, they found out that the baby was breech. We still had a few weeks so the doctor was hoping that it may turn, but no luck! I was getting weary and the doctor confirmed that the baby might be pretty big as my fundal height was always a little higher than it had been with my first two children. Every doctors visit I was hoping for a little dialation, as they were unsure for a couple of weeks if the baby had indeed turned. My blood pressure started to go up with my last visit to the doctor so they decided to induce me 2 days early.
Steve and I set out for the hospital at 6:30am on May 12th...we were a little late, but as soon as I got to the nurses sprung into action and prepped me for surgery. I was nervous, but calm at the same time, as this was to be the second C-section for me and we had decided that I would be awake throughout so that Steve could be there. I gave Steve my engagment ring (we weren't married at the time) and the diamond earring he had given me for my birthday and took a deep breath, as they wheeled me into the operating room at 8:00am.
I was noticably nervous while I was in there. The nurses were all very reassuring and nice. They decided that I would have a spinal block instead of an epidural. So I sat up and they administered the needle. Little did I know I would not at all like the feeling I was about to feel. They quickly had me lay back down on the table, since my legs were almost frozen within seconds. That's when panic set in! I started thrashing around on the table, like a fish out of water, because I was so nervous because I couldn't feel my legs. I have to say the nurses at this point were all VERY nice to me, trying to calm me down. I started vomitting and I think this calmed me down a lot. The nurses washed my face with a facecloth and I couldn't stop apologizing for acting so odd. Steve and the doctors entered the room then and I really felt safe. Steve and I started talking and I was wondering when they were going to start the operation when I was informed that they were now just moving my bladder. I felt some painless tugging and then they goes...time for baby. Those few seconds before I just remember starring at Steve thinking about how much I loved him and then all I heard was the word boy. I looked and saw my new son upside down for the first time..rofl :) Then I heard them say again that it was a beautiful boy and he looked really big. I looked at Steve again and started to cry...then I watched them clean up my new son. Then I heard the weight! 10lbs 3oz. I remember then looking at Steve and saying a bad word..:)
They showed me the baby again and then handed him to daddy. I don't remember looking at Steve with more love then at that moment. They looked so beautiful together.
I was sewn back up and given some kind of oxygen mixed with something, I'm not sure what but I don't remember too much after that. I know Steve left to share the news with my mom and friends who were waiting in the waiting room and calling his parents. The rest is history!

By the way..I haven't seen my engagement ring or earring since as Steve, in all the excitment and transferring of rooms lost them..rofl :)

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